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Search join sign in physicians connecting worldwide home video news advisors members advanced search blogs map consults events interviews groups all discussions my discussions add cancer of unknown primary origin posted by maybelle beltran on february 11, 2011 at 4:40pm in previous archive view discussions i have been diagnosed with cancer of unknown primary origin 4 years ago.. viagra jelly 20 mgy It began as a lumpâ  which started as a deeply palpable mass on the left lateral part of my neck, in just a few weeks time, the mass was not anymore deeply palpable, it could now be easily palpated and seen... generic viagra online A doctor myself, i did not like the feel of it, because all of my assessments leads to my diagnosis of a possible cancer... buy viagra online cheap free shipping And inside me i know it wasn't just a simple lymphadenitis. viagra without a doctor prescription I had a friend doctor of mine removed it, and based on the histopath, it was a metastatic carcinoma. generic viagra We did series of tests to find where the primary was, all of the openings of my body from head to toe were scoped, it reached to a point that i got tired of looking for something that i know when i find it, it would only cause me to worry even more, however, nothing was found aside from my enlarged tonsils and my colon that lighted during my pet scan. generic viagra online Anyway, my ent did a selective neck dissection to remove other tissues that surrounded that lymph node. how much time viagra takes to work He removed other lymph nodes, removed both of my tonsils and removed my salivary glands. Viagra or viagra yahoo answers The complete diagnosis was cancer of unknown primary, metastatic squamous cell carcinoma, undifferentiated type, stage 3. It was frightening, seeing the words metastatic, undifferentiated, stage 3... buy cheap viagra Anyway, after doing my surgery, i underwent radiotherapy for 36 sessions, and chemotherapy for 6 cycles.. viagra usa rezept I suffered a lot of complications... how long can a man last after taking viagra Xerostomia, my taste buds where destroyed, hair loss, severe nausea and vomiting, skin reactions, anorexia and i get sick all the time since i was immunocompromised then and still goes to work after my sessions, since i had to earn money for my treatments... cheap viagra online But now, everything is fine, i had my taste buds back after 6 months, my hair grew back again (it has curls which i really wanted), i even gained weight after... I still undergo my annual follow ups, ct scan, endoscopy and colonoscopy... buy cheap viagra And still alive and working. cheap viagra Now let me tell you about cancer of the unknown primary. Viagra daily buy Cancer of unknown primary (cup) origin is the diagnosis whenâ  metastatic cancer is found but the place where the cancer began cannot be determined. how much time viagra takes to work About 2 to 4 percent of all cancer patients have a cancer whose primary site is never identified (and i'm one of those). viagra 10 foro The origin of a cancer may be inapparent for several reasons. buy viagra online Firstly, a cancer is not easily detectable with any of our radiology procedures until it is at least 1 cm. In diameter, but it may have spread to a more fertile area for growth before getting this l. How much does viagra cost in thailand viagra dosage and administration

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